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city of corona ca

Corona is a city that is located in the county of Riverside and is one of the more scenic cities in the southern region of California. The city of Corona is bordered by Norco and Riverside to the northeast, Eastvale to the north, Chino Hills to the northwest, Yorba Linda and Clevelend National Forest and Santa Ana Mountains to the southwest.


The city of Corona enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate and has mild winters with hot summers. This type of weather makes the city perfect to live in throughout the entire year. The 2010 census states that there are about 152,374 people living in the city of Corona. The majority of the population is white according to the 2010 census, but the city is still pretty diverse throughout.


The Corona Police Department is full of men and women who deserve to be rewarded for keeping this city safe for the entire community. Some of the things that the police department does is set up random checkpoints throughout the city to make sure that no one is driving under the influence and making the streets unsafe to drive on. This city is definitely an amazing city to raise a family in or to visit from time to time.

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