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corona police station

The city of Corona is located south of Los Angeles in the western region of the Riverside County. According to the 2010 Census, there are about 159,132 people living in the city of Corona and they are an ethnically diverse community. Most of the families that occupy this city are young and well educated. All of these families depend on the Corona Police Department to keep them safe and to decrease the crime rate in the city.


The Corona Police Department has done an excellent job of this task and they continue to expand their operation using their exceptional training programs. The Corona Police Department is located at 730 Public Safety Way Corona, CA 92880. This Police Department is in a prime location because it is easily accessible to everyone in the city. Along with the Police Department, you will also find the City Hall and Fire Department at this location. In order for anyone to become a police officer working for this Police Department, he or she will have to complete the tentative courses at a police academy.


Once that person has completed those courses, then he or she will have to continue some more training at the Corona Police Department. This will include shadowing another experienced police officer to learn how to handle real problems. The Police Department is made up of many sections that make up the entire department. The purpose of this structure is to make all of the work needed to keep this city safe easier to accomplish. Some of the sections include the Administration section, the Traffic Section, the Patrol Section, and the Detectives Section. Each one of these sections cannot keep the entire city safe alone, but if they work together, all of the section will be able to make sure that nothing goes wrong in the city.


The Administration section is used to keep the entire department organized and to direct civilians to the proper section of the department to get what they need. The traffic section is mainly used for traffic tickets and parking tickets. The Patrol section is the officers that patrol the city constantly and arrest criminals. This section is probably the most essential part of the entire department because it is the way that law enforcement removes dangerous people from the community.


The Detectives Section is used for cases that do not yet have a suspect to arrest for that crime. The detectives in this section use clues and tips from the public to solve cases that no one has yet to be arrested for. However, once there is a case, it does not stay at the Corona Police Department, it will be sent to the Riverside Superior Courthouse.

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