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riverside superior court

The Corona Police Department arrests criminals every day and there are many arrests in a given day. With the amount of arrests that happen in a day, the Corona Police Department would get full rather quick no matter how big it is. However, the inmates do not remain at this police department for long and neither will their case file. Once the inmate is booked and processed, the police will then send their paperwork to the Riverside Superior Courthouse and will either transfer the inmate to the Riverside county jail or he or she will be bailed out. This is to keep everything better organized and to make sure that the police department does not get too packed with arrestees. The Riverside Courthouse does serve many cities in the region and serves the residents as well.


This courthouse is not just for criminals, other people will be able to handle any legal business here as well. The Riverside Superior Courthouse is located at 4050 Main St Riverside, CA 92501. This facility is pretty old and has been serving the city of Corona and Riverside for many years successfully. There is no need for a new courthouse because this one does such an excellent job and everyone that works here are friendlier than each other. Some of the other services that you can use at this courthouse include: Civil department, Family Law Department, and the Traffic Department.


The Civil department is used for any civil cases that you may have such as if you needed to sue someone or you are being sued. This allows the public to use an open court to plead their case and for a judge to determine who is right within their legal means. The family law department is for any family cases that you may have such as divorce and child support. When you file for divorce, you will use this department and the judge will then decide on the facts of the case.


The traffic department is for any traffic violation or inquiries you may have. In order to pay your ticket or contest it, you will have to appear to court and plead your case to the judge. All of these services are meant to make every citizen’s life easier when it comes to the law. We are not all lawyers, so we use the courthouse to help whenever we need some legal things done correctly. There are also lawyers at the courthouse that could assist you with any of the paperwork for your case and give you some advice.


The Riverside Superior Courthouse urges the public to visit this facility and appreciate the way that the legal system operates in order to keep everything in our lives in order.

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