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Worker Comp Hearing Representative Caught Stealing

A California workers’ compensation hearing officer was arrested earlier this week after officials found out that he attempted to steal a settlement check from his client. The man was originally from the city of Corona and allegedly has been stealing the settlement checks of his deceased clients. He thought he was being clever by only stealing the checks from the deceased and figured that nobody would notice that the money was gone. However, the man was in for a surprise on Tuesday when one of the deceased men’s wife questioned the state about her husband’s settlement check for workers compensation. Officials were put on the case to determine what happened to the money that was rightfully hers and their search stopped at the Worker Compensation Office. Police found out that the man trusted to send the checks out to the right people was, in fact, redirecting the checks to his name and cashing them out himself. Police have not released the identity of the man, but are saying that he is under arrest and all of the victims will have their money returned to them.

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