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Double Shooting.

police detectives are investigating a double shooting that happened on Mother's Day. That man's 22-year old son was killed. Phuong Leng said, fighting back tears. "Somebody killed my son.". "there was a Mother's Day celebration happening in the parking lot between several apartment units.. That's when someone drove by, and opened fire at the crowd of people. It happened on the 1200 block of West 10th Street in Corona, around 8:45 p.m. on Sunday, Attended by many of the residents. Since there were children playing with fireworks at the time; leng first thought it was fireworks. she said. "Kids playing." But when people in the crowd started shouting, She ran outside to see her husband suffering from a gunshot wound; he would survive. But her son was pronounced dead at the hospital. Leng believes it's a case of mistaken identity. Corona police detectives say witnesses described an argument happening in the moments leading up to the shooting. They say the surviving victim will likely provide important information as they search for a suspect. hoping to find a lead searching the surveillance cameras throughout the property But detectives say there's no suspect description, or description of a getaway vehicle. Detectives are investigating the shooting, and request anyone with information regarding the incident to call the Corona Police Department at (951) 736-2330.

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